New Age Pet ecoFLEX Dog Houses

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$ 149.99

Eco-Friendly Dog Houses that Combine the Best Qualities of Wood and Plastic.

Constructed with ecoFlex composite, a material made from post-consumer recycled plastic and wood fibers, New Age Pets ecoFlex products are the first dog houses that are truly green.

The ecoFlex dog houses are resistant to pests, rot, weather and moisture. Featuring non-fading color that goes all the way through the panel. ecoFlex dog houses assemble in minutes with no tools necessary!

ecoFlex Dog Housed Features

  • Made of recycled post-consumer materials
  • Snaps together in minutes without tools
  • Weather resistant, moisture proof, insect free
  • Easy to clean with a garden hose
  • Maintenance-free

Exterior Dimensions
Small: 24.4"L x 21.7"W x 25.2"H (for dogs up to 20lbs)
Medium: 31.1"L x 30.7"W x 31.5"H (for dogs up to 40lbs)
Large: 36.1"L x 31.9"W x 36.3"H (for dogs up to 80lbs)
Extra Large: 42"L x 36.3"W x 37.5"H (for dogs up to 150lbs)

Small: 23 lbs
Medium: 36 lbs
Large: 44 lbs
Extra Large: 57 lbs