Solvit Pet Economy Vehicle Safety Harness

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The Solvit Pet Vehicle Safety Harness is designed with your dog's safety and comfort in mind. Heavy-duty straps are attached to a fully-padded, fleece-lined safety vest. Metal connectors are used at all the load-bearing points - no plastic buckles here.

Using a car harness for your dog helps keep your focus on the road and protects your dog in a sudden stop or turn.

Solvit Economy Pet Car Safety Harness Features

  • Strength-tested to 2000+ lbs!
  • Fleece-lined comfort
  • Easy to load/unload pets
  • Fits ALL vehicles
  • Integrates with vehicle seat belt system to provide some range of motion while traveling, but locks during sudden stops
  • Connection point for clipping a walking leash

Sizes - Please See Sizing Tab For Measuring Guidelines:

  • Small fits pets from 6-25 lbs
  • Medium fits pets from 20-55 lbs
  • Large fits pets from 45-85 lbs
  • Extra Large fits pets from 60-120 lbs

Be sure to measure your dog before ordering. Do not go on weight ranges alone.solvit dog car safety harness sizing chart