Store-N-Feed Jr. Elevated Pet Feeder

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Store-N-Feed Junior Elevated Pet Feeder is ideal for smaller breed dogs. Its height improves digestion, posture, feeding comfort of senior dogs or those with bone and joint disease. The Store-N-Feed Jr. reduces the level of stress on joints that may ultimately damage the synovial membrane and cause cumulative degenerative disease (osteoarthritis). Storage underneath provides clean, safe, fresh storage of dry food, bones, treats or toys.

Store-N-Feed Jr. Dog Feeder Features:

  • Store up to 5 pounds of dry dog food conveniently
  • Height 5.5 inches
  • Two Stainless steel bowls included. The bowls sit in a plastic well so that the dog cannot access the food stored underneath the feeder.
  • Unique self-watering system.
  • Compact design, portable.
  • Each bowl holds 2.95 cups of dry food (filled to top)