Ultralite Pet Stairs

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Pet Stairs

For durability, portability, and economical, nothing beats these pet stairs for helping pets reach the couch, bed, or vehicle.

The UltraLite Lighweight Pet Stairs weigh only 10 lbs, so they are highly portable, yet they will support 250 lbs. Durable indoor/outdoor carpet and plastic construction can be cleaned easily with soap and water (do not try that with conventional plywood-based stairs!)

Their unique, sloping treads are easier for small dogs to climb - especially helpful for Dachshunds. The 19-inch height works well with couches and most beds.

It is also uniquely designed to help pets access the back seat of an automobile, which can't be done with ramps on the market today.

Easier to maintain than traditional plywood-based Pet Stairs . Attractive design with neutral colors blends well with most any decor.

Overall dimensions = 19 inches H x 16 inches W x 24 inches D
Step Height 6 1/4" Step Depth 8"
Weight 10lbs. Supports up to 250 lbs.
Constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and indoor/outdoor carpet.
One-year warranty. Color:Beige Only!