Feline Funhouse Outdoor Cat Enclosure

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The Feline Funhouse Deck and Patio Outdoor Cat Enclosure a "breath of fresh air" for indoor cats and other small pets.

This Cat Enclosure is portable, lightweight, and affordable. Outdoor Feline Funhouse is perfect for traveling with small pets. This portable one-piece mesh enclosure protectively surrounds your pet from all sides while allowing them to safely enjoy the outdoors. Great for decks, patios, RVing, camping and much more!

"Feline Funhouse Cat Enclosure
It was so fun having our cat outside with us; it just made our summer! We feel like the Doolittles with the Bird, Cat and Dog out in the backyard with us!" --M.H., Washington

72 inches Long x 39 inches Wide x 27 inches High,
The Feline Funhouse Outdoor Cat Enclosure is a roomy one-piece enclosed unit that sets up instantly with NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, then folds quickly and easily to store flat in its own zippered carrying bag.The Feline Funhouse Outdoor Cat Enclosure includes stakes and weight bags for extra stability.

Additionally, the Feline Funhouse Outdoor Cat Enclosure may be used indoors to separate animals, keep pets confined when you are knitting or doing other tasks with which they might want to interfere, or to keep an ill / recovering animal temporarily contained and quiet. Breeders also find the Feline Funhouse Outdoor Cat Enclosure useful for containing new litters of kittens and for use in hotel rooms while traveling to shows.

The Feline Funhouse Outdoor Cat Enclosure is extremely durable, lightweight, portable and easy to store. Two heavy-duty zippered doors provide easy in and out access. Weather resistant nylon netting allows the free flow of air and provides pet owner and pets with ease of visibility.

Our patented cat enclosure is even tough enough to stand up to claws! Your feline or other small pet will thank you for making enjoying the outdoors with you so much easier!

The Feline Funhouse should be used under human supervision at all times. Please take this step to ensure the safety of your pet.

As an Accessory Search for Cover Pad for Only $12.00. Matching blue nylon pad fits the floor of the Outdoor Funhouse. Comfortable and easy to clean! Hand wash or spot clean.

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