Power Paws Non Slip Socks

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Does your dog have trouble standing or walking on slick flooring? Power Paws are perfect for senior or handicapped dogs that are weak and have trouble supporting themselves on slippery surfaces.


  • Great for dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis, or degenerative myelopathy
  • Keep your wood floors from being scratched
  • Protect your dog's feet from pollens, cuts, cold or hot surfaces, and plant awns (cheat grass)
  • Fit virtually any foot size 
  • Well tolerated by most dogs
  • Reinforced toe


The weight and breed guides are a good way to determine size, but they are based on averages. These guides are generally accurate for the majority of dogs. Know that the socks look very small so they can stretch to become the size of the foot, and then the elastic can hold it in place. A good fit is snug, but you can still put a finger in the sock. It will stay in place while playing, walking, climbing stairs. The sock is too small if with you can’t get it on your dog’s foot. The sock is too large if it falls off, sags. Twisting is generally easily fixed by washing in warm (in the washing machine) if the foot pad matches the grip well.

Advanced Power Paws fit most dogs, but choose the Greyhound Edition if the pad group on the bottom of the paw is far longer than it is wide (officially called "hare foot"). They are simply long, skinny, “rabbit” shaped paws. Typical breeds with hare feet include Italian Greyhounds, Miniature Poodles, Whippets, Australian Shepherds, Standard Poodles and Greyhounds. And some dogs, especially the working and herding breeds, can have this shape in the back paws.


In the winter, spray Power Paws with Scotchgard or other waterproofing spray to keep the paws warm and dry while keeping snow, ice, and salt off paws.

Extra Extra Small (XXS) Advanced:
  • Weight: less than 12 lbs.
  • Main Foot Pad Width and length: 1.25" - 1.38"
  • Typical breeds: Chihuahua, Maltese, MinPin
Extra Small (XS) Advanced:
  • Weight: 12 - 25 lbs
  • Main Foot Pad Width and Length: 1.38" - 1.75"
  • Typical breeds: Yorkie, Silkie, small Terriers
Small (S) Advanced:
  • Weight: 25 - 45 lbs
  • Main Foot Pad Width and Length: 1.75" - 2.0"
  • Typical breeds: American Eskimo, Beagle, small bulldogs
Medium (M) Advanced:
  • Weight: 45 - 75 lbs
  • Main Foot Pad Width and length: 2.0" - 2.38"
  • Typical breeds: Spaniels, larger Terriers
Large (L) Advanced:
  • Weight: 75 - 95 lbs
  • Main Foot Pad Width and Length: 2.38" - 2.75"
  • Typical breeds: Labs, Boxers, Pinschers, Dalmatians
Extra Large (XL) Advanced:
  • Weight: 95 - 130 lbs
  • Main Foot Pad Width and Length: 2.75" - 3.125"
  • Typical breeds: Shepherds, Rottweiler, Basset hounds
Extra Extra Large (XXL) Advanced:
  • Weight: 130 - 180 lbs
  • Main Foot Pad Width and Length: 3.125" - 3.5"
  • Typical breeds: Danes, Mastiffs, St. Bernards
Extra Extra Extra Large (XXXL) Advanced:
  • Weight: over 180 lbs
  • Main Foot Pad Width and Length: 3.5" - 3.88"
  • Typical breeds: Wolfhounds, Largest of Giant Breeds

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