Tropiclean OxyMed Pet Ear Cleaner

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This gentle, fast-acting ear cleaner will quickly and gently remove ear wax and odor from your pet's ear.

  • Dissolves wax
  • With regular use, this cleaner will maintain your pet's ear hygiene
  • Helps to prevent ear infections
  • Fast acting and gentle!

Why We Love It:

This 4 oz ear cleaner from Tropiclean will help maintain good ear hygiene in your pets. The gentle, fast-acting formula removes wax and reduces ear odor.

Directions: Shake well. Fill the ear canal with Ear Cleaner. Gently massage the base of the ears. Gently rub accessible portion of the ear with a cotton ball to wipe out excess fluid. Use one or two times a week to keep the ears clean and reduce ear odors. Use after bathing or swimming.