Large Lookout Two-Dog Car Seat

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Snoozer Pets Buddy Lookout Dog Car Seat is the perfect Double Dog Car Seat for small pets that like to ride with you in the car and see out the car window! Built as a car seat for 2 dogs, up to 30 lbs in total weight, this dog car seat also features a pull-out tray at the bottom.


  • Comfortable foam form
  • Faux lambs wool interior
  • Nylon quilt exterior secures to foam body with elastic
  • Outer quilt and interior faux lambs wool are removable and washable
  • Storage tray for added convenience
  • Seat belt slot for security

    The The Buddy Dog Car Seat makes it easier on you to care for the pets' needs on a trip. Costs less than ordering 2 Pet Car Seats. Note: It is recommended that the "The Buddy" Lookout Pet Car Seat is to be used in the back seat.


  • 30”wide X 17” high X 19” deep - OUTSIDE
  • 25" wide X 14" deep x 10" H front - INSIDE

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