Walkabelly Dog Sling Harness by Walkabout

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The Walkabelly Dog Harness is a Dog Lift Sling for the abdomen that provides support and balance for dogs that have weakness in front, back or all legs. The Walkabelly Dog Sling may also may be used for rear limb amputees while they are adjusting to the initial loss of their limb.


Walkabelly Dog Harness Measurements:

Walkabelly Size Image

Size XS 14"-18" 14"-18" 3"-5" 21"
S 18"-21" 20"-24" 6"-9" 21"
M 20"-23" 24"-29" 9"-11" 15"
M-L 22"-25" 28"-33" 11"-13" 12"
L 29"-32" 31"-38" 13"-16" 12"
XL 33"-37" 38"-46" 14"-16" 12"

Handles The handles on the Walkabelly dog harness are not adjustable, but do vary in length by size for owner comfort.

  • X-Small, Small: 21" Handle
  • Medium: 15" Handle
  • Medium/Large, Large, X-Large: 12" Handle

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Why We Love It

  • Made from a lightweight neoprene
  • Sling fits comfortably under the abdomen between your dog's front and rear legs
  • Fastens securely over the back with a Velcro closure
  • Features two handles for support. Handle length varies by size for owner comfort, see Size Measurements tab for details.
  • Machine washable
Returns/Exchanges: This item is not returnable due to hair and possible stains after use, but can be /exchanged for a different size.

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