Litter Champ Pet Waste Container

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No More Daily Trips to the Garbage Can!

Convenient and odor-free pet waste removal system great for cats and small dogs. Put a Litter Champ by each of your litter boxes and see how easy litter cleanup can be. Just scoop, step and drop! No mess! And with Litter Champ’s exclusive triple seal design keeping odors in, there’s no need to empty the pail until it's completely full. New, 100% biodegradable bags will completely degrade in landfill or when buried underground. Litter Champ is ready to use when you buy it, no assembly or batteries required. It even includes a refill roll that will last for months and a Litter Champ Magnetic Scoop that attaches easily on the side of the Litter Champ for safe keeping. Easy to Use, Easy to Empty, Easy to Refill!



  • Odor-Free
  • New Compact & Elegant Design
  • Continuous Bagging System
  • Includes Free Magnetic Scoop & Free Refill Bag (preinstalled) to last up to 3 months
  • Long lasting, biodegradable, durable liners saves $$ and environment
  • Child-proof lock keep pets and small children out 


    • Dimensions: 10 1/4"W x 8 1/16"D x 18 1/4"H
    • Capacity: 4 Gallons
    • Warranty: 5 Years From Manufacturer

Limited Time Offer:

BUY WITH ADDITIONAL 3 PACK OF LINERS AND SAVE $5. That's just short of a year's worth of liners! Just select "With refills" option when ordering.

Refills Available separately (click on link below)

3-Pack Value Refill Liners for Litter Champ (30-Week Supply)

Testimonial: "I love it! It is the most convenient way to empty the kitty litter. There is absolutely no odor." - Doris, Richmond, VA

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