Cats are some of the best pets you can get. They don't require a lot of space, they're relatively easy to care for, and they're also very clean animals. But there are many other reasons why cats make great pets:

They are clean animals.

Cats are groomers. They spend a lot of time cleaning themselves, making them very clean animals. They have a barbed tongue with backward facing barbs that help to remove loose hair from their coats. Cats also lick their fur to spread the scent from glands in their feet, face and tail. This is thought to be part of the cats' territorial behavior as well as marking them as belonging to a certain territory (their owner).

Many people believe that cats are messy eaters but this can be prevented by feeding your cat in a place where food does not spill onto the floor and keeping the area around his or her dish clean at all times. If you do notice some spillage on your carpeting it's best not to punish your cat for this behavior; simply bring him/her back into line by reminding him/her what he/she should do when eating his/her meal. In addition, if there is any mess left over after meals then simply use warm water with soap and wipe off any excess liquid or solid matter left sitting out on surfaces such as counters or tables before giving them another chance at eating without supervision again!

They are quiet.

Cats are nocturnal, which means they are quiet while you’re sleeping. They sleep during the day and come out at night, so if you want to sleep in on your days off and cuddle with them, they will be completely fine with that! Cats won’t bark like some dogs do because barking is for warning others of danger or telling them something important has happened. Plus, cats don’t meow like other animals either unless their owners tell them it's okay (like when it's time for dinner). Lastly, cats can be very quiet if they want to be; it might take a bit longer for you to realize there is a cat in your home but once you do find him/her out there roaming around – the only noise he/she will make will be purring!

They are independent.

One of the most important things to know about cats is that they are self-sufficient. They don’t need to go outside every day or be feed every day, as some dogs do. Cats are also very independent and can entertain themselves for hours at a time if you leave them alone.

When it comes to their health and wellbeing, cats don’t require much maintenance from their owners—they give themselves everything they need on their own!

They provide a lot of entertainment value.

Cats are entertaining in their own way, but they can also be trained to do tricks. You might have seen videos of cats walking on leashes, catching mice, or even doing a little dance as part of their training routine. They can also be taught to use the toilet and fetch balls for you!

You don't have to take them for walks.

Cats are very independent, so if you want to get out of the house and exercise, they can entertain themselves for hours. They don't need walks as much as dogs do. You could even train them using treats or toys that help them learn new things like "sit" or "stay."

If your cat is a bit shy and won't come when called by name (or even if it does), try playing Cat's Cradle with him/her! This game involves placing a ball in one bowl while another bowl has treats inside—and then putting a paw over each side of one of those bowls. The goal is for your pet to figure out how many paws fit into each bowl before opening up his/her paw for food!

They have a calming influence.

Cats are a great source of comfort in times of need. When you have an important meeting and are feeling nervous, it's nice to have a cat around to help you relax. If you're feeling stressed out or anxious, your cat will come up and purr on your lap (and maybe even give you some affection). This can be very comforting and therapeutic for people who suffer from anxiety or depression. Cats also love being stroked on their head or back—they like physical touch just as much as humans do!

Cats also help people sleep better because they're natural insomniacs themselves; cats are nocturnal predators that hunt at night when the prey is active but try to sleep during the day when there isn't much activity around them (this habit makes sense if you think about how easy it would be for a predator like yourself to catch something if everything was moving around at night). Cats know that when they stay up too late hunting mice by themselves then they don't get enough rest before sunrise comes around again--so most pet owners find that their pets will fall asleep somewhere near them while they're trying out their new bedtime routine!

There are many types to choose from.

There are many different types of cats to choose from. You can find house cats or barn cats, long-haired or short-haired, fluffy and fat or smooth and lean—and the list goes on. The best part is that each type has its own unique personality traits that make it special!

Some breeds are better suited to certain lifestyles than others. For example, if you live in an apartment but want a dog that will give your kids lots of love at home then consider adopting a Ragdoll cat because they're known for being super affectionate towards kids (and adults too!). Or if you love hiking outdoors with your family every weekend then maybe a Maine Coon would be more up your alley since these kitties were bred specifically for their ability hunt prey outside without getting lost (plus they're known as some of the friendliest breeds out there).

Another advantage is having options when it comes time decide where your pet should live: inside vs outdoors? Cats have been domesticated so long now that most people think they need access both areas while some experts say this isn't true at all! It all depends on what works best for each individual animal - which means no matter what type

They're generally easier to care for than other pets.

As a cat owner, you'll have to take good care of your pet. But compared to other animals, cats are generally easier to care for. Unlike dogs that need walks and attention every day, cats can be left alone for long periods of time without any negative effects on their health.

They also don't need food and water brought in twice a day—they're self-sufficient! The only thing they require is an occasional litter box cleaning or food dish refill (depending on the type of food). This means that if you go away on vacation or take a long weekend off from work, it's easy enough for someone else to step in and keep things running smoothly at home.

They may be able to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Cats can also lower your risk of heart attack and stroke. Studies have shown that pet owners are generally less stressed, which means their hearts are healthier and more likely to last longer. They also have better blood pressure than those who don't own pets. Cats even help ease depression and loneliness in older adults, as well as anxiety disorders in children with ADHD or autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

They don't need as much space as other pets.

If you live in a small apartment or house, then cats are the perfect pet for you. You can train your cat to use a litter box and keep them indoors. This will allow them to stay safe and not get lost by wandering outside. Even if they do escape your home somehow, they are small enough to fit through most cracks or holes in fences that might be keeping other animals out of their yard.

Cats do not require much space at all! They can live comfortably in an apartment without needing any room to run around or play with toys like dogs do. Cats don't need a yard because they spend most of their time sleeping anyways! There's no need for them to go out every day either because it would only cause trouble by having neighbors complain about noise problems from playing with other pets outside at night time when everyone else is trying sleep (which isn't fair!).

Cats make great companions for anyone who doesn't want a more demanding pet, but does want something that can give them good companionship and some fun!

Cats make great companions for anyone who doesn't want a more demanding pet, but does want something that can give them good companionship and some fun!

Cats are independent and don't need a lot of attention. If you have a busy schedule and don't have much time to spend with your pet, cats will be happy to keep themselves entertained.

Cats can be trained to do tricks! Some cats will even use the litter box on their own if they're taught how at an early age. This makes caring for them much easier than if you had other animals like dogs or hamsters where these things would be harder (or impossible) to teach them.

Cats are overall very easy to care for since all they need is food and water - which you can buy in any grocery store or corner store nearby where ever you live. In addition: grooming isn’t too difficult either because most breeds don’t shed their fur as often as other pets such as dogs do which means there won’t be much mess around the house after each brushing session unless there happens  to be some extra shedding happening during this time period; however most owners don’t mind because they know how important it is when it comes down


If you're thinking about getting a cat, there's no better time than now. They can provide you with companionship and entertainment, and they may even help you live longer!