As tempting as it might be, this summer when you are out dining with family and friends - you should really be cautious about feeding your pets anything that stretches to far beyond their regular diet. There are three top popular summer foods you should not feed your pets. There are several other foods that you should be cautious about feeding your pets. 

Grapes - These may be your go-to summer snack, but you can’t toss a handful of grapes over to your pet to enjoy as well. In fact, grapes can be fatal if ingested by a dog or cat in increased amounts. 

Ice Cream - One of the biggest misconceptions is that dogs and cats can snag a lick or two  from your summer ice cream desserts. There are often many unknown ingredients that can upset the stomachs of your furry friends around the house. As cute as they may look snagging a quick lick of your ice cream cone from the local shop, it is simply best to avoid the temptations so you don’t end up nursing your pets later in the evening. 

Avocados - Another common food that is often known to cause an expensive emergency vet visit is Avocados. As trendy and tasty they are for humans, Avocados contain a harmful toxin called “persin”. If consumed, this can have severe effects on your pets ranging anything from a stomach ache to a fluid backup in the chest. 

While human foods may smell good, it is imperative to make sure you don’t feed your pets dinner scraps or any snacks or foods that may seem harmful. Treats made specifically for your dogs or cats are much more nutritious and delicious at the end of the day.