With the warmer weather and sun, spring is finally upon us.  While everyone is excited to get outside, including your dogs, there are a few ways you can get your pet "ready" for the new season.  

Coat Care 

   Spring is a great time to begin a grooming routine if you have not already done so. Shedding increases during the springtime, as dogs begin to eliminate their thick coats from the winter. Brushing your dog on a consistent basis helps keep shedding under control. When brushing, take your time and be gentle, especially when removing tangles. We prefer brushes with soft bristles. How often should you brush your dog? While it depends on your own schedule, we do recommend doing it at least once a week. 


Bathing Your Dog

  As with brushing your dog, spring is a great reminder to make sure you are bathing your dog on a consistent basis. Bathing your dog helps remove debris or flaked skin built up over the winter.  The spring is important to clean your dog, due to the allergen and pollen levels in the environment. Bathing your dog once every three weeks is optimal but every four - six weeks is also an acceptable frequency. 


Clean Dog Accessories

   How often over the last year have you cleaned your dog's blankets, bedding, and related accessories? Once your dog starts to go outside more frequently, you really want to make sure these items start the season off clean. Soak any leashes and/or harnesses in hot water with gentle soap.  The other items like bedding and blankets can be laundered like you normally would. 


      While some these dog grooming activities might seem like a chore, your dog will love the one on one attention.  Not only will your dog feel great, it is also a great bonding experience.  

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