Siamese cats are one of the most popular breeds in the world. They are known for their distinct markings and gorgeous blue eyes, but there's more to a Siamese than just his beauty.

They Have Some Weird Habits

Siamese cats are unique in a number of ways, but one of the most fascinating things about them is their strange habits.

They like to talk. You may notice your Siamese chirping at you or making other noises as if they're trying to communicate with you—and some of these sounds are not so different from those we make when talking! In fact, some Siamese owners have said that their cats even mimic human speech when speaking with each other or others in the household!

They like to be around people (and animals). They also enjoy being around other people's pets and children because they like being involved in any situation that involves more than just themselves. So if you live alone and don't have any friends who own cats (or kids), this could mean trouble for your relationship with your Siamese cat if he or she wants more attention than just yours alone.

They're Extremely Vocal

If you're looking for a cat who will entertain you with their antics, the Siamese is your best bet. They're extremely vocal—they'll yell at you if they're hungry or want something, and they may even talk back when you talk to them!

In addition to being very playful and active (always ready to pounce), Siamese cats are also smart and loving animals that enjoy affection from humans. But don't mistake them for lapcats; these guys are independent and require lots of attention but also plenty of time alone so that they can play without anyone watching or judging them for doing so…

They're Highly Social

Siamese cats are highly social and enjoy the company of other cats and people. They’re not aggressive, but they may become territorial if you don’t keep them occupied with toys and playtime. Most Siamese cats get along well with dogs and larger animals, too.

Siamese are known for being very people-oriented, so they will want to be where you are most often, whether that's in your lap or on another piece of furniture. If you like having a cat who feels like part of the family but doesn't necessarily want to share every meal with you (or sleep under your blanket), a Siamese is a great choice!

They Like to Climb Everything

Siamese cats are very curious, and they love to climb. They can climb up to high places, but they also like to use their paws to push things around and explore. They're also good at jumping from one place to another as they move around the house. Because of this, you'll find your Siamese cat climbing on top of furniture or other surfaces that would be off limits for other cats—he may even jump on your head!

The reason behind this behavior is simple: he wants to be up high so that he can see what's going on in his environment. The higher up he is, the better his vantage point will be when it comes to keeping an eye out for potential threats; this means there may be times when your Siamese doesn't want you moving furniture around too much because doing so might alter his favorite lookout spot!

They're Very Affectionate

Siamese cats are extremely affectionate. In fact, they are one of the most affectionate breeds out there. Siamese cats love to be petted and held and will generally follow you around the house looking for love. They like to snuggle with their owners as much as possible, including on the lap or even in bed! This can sometimes be a problem if your cat is jealous of other pets in your home, but it's likely that this won't happen because Siamese cats are so outgoing themselves!

Siamese cats also like being near their owners as much as possible. That means being near someone who is doing something interesting (like watching TV) or being near them when they sleep at night—they want to be close by when it comes time for bedtime rituals! This has led some people refer to them as “lap dogs” since these small animals know how important it is to get attention from their human counterparts whenever possible!

Siamese cats are beautiful, social and loving.

Siamese cats are beautiful, social and loving. This breed is one of the most recognizable cat breeds in the world because of their striking coat coloration and pointed ears. They have a sleek silhouette with long legs, a slender body and graceful movements that make them appear very athletic.

Like many other breeds, Siamese cats were originally bred for hunting ability in Thailand (formerly known as Siam). The breed was then exported to Europe where it became very popular among royal families who wanted to own these beautiful felines because they believed they brought good luck!

Siamese cats love attention from their human companions and will happily follow you around if given half a chance! They’re also known for being highly intelligent—having been ranked number two on Cat Fancy magazine’s list of most intelligent cat breeds. If you want an active pet that likes playing games or solving puzzles then this may be the perfect choice for you!

I hope you enjoyed learning about these fun facts about Siamese cats. They are truly a special breed and I am lucky to have one in my life. If you decide to adopt one of your own, be sure to give them plenty of love, attention and high places to climb!