Now that Spring has (almost) sprung and pets typically are spending more time outside catching some fresh air. With all of those walks and open windows, there come some important hazards that all pet owners should be cautious and weary of this spring. 

Watch The Chocolate. 

Whether it is leftover from Valentine’s day or fresh from Easter, be sure you keep the chocolate off of all easy to reach surfaces from man’s best friend. The tell-tales are true, cats and dogs don’t digest chocolate (of any amount) well and it can cause some serious internal damage if not caught onto. 


It’s not just you and me. That’s right. Our pets are also battling allergies this spring as the grass is cut and windows are left open. If you notice your dog or cat acting in a manner that’s atypical, it could be minor allergies that are easily treated and cared for by your local trusted veterinarian. 

Spring Flowers

They sure are beautiful, but can sometimes come at a painful cost. When you plant fresh flowers this spring, be weary of flowers that may be considered harmful and even poisonous to some pets. Watch out for lilies, daffodils, and azaleas if your pet is known to play in and around your favorite flower bed. 

Backyard BBQ. 

Who doesn't love a good BBQ? Your pet’s that’s who. Well, kindof. Watch out and really pay attention if you are planning on inviting friends and family over that aren’t typically around your pets. Especially with so many chances to inadvertently consume some snacks that are not necessarily made for dogs or cats. 

We simply want to pass these tips onto you, because we’ve seen it all. In fact, pet emergency service visits typically see a 35% increase in calls as pet owners just like you often run into unexpected and unplanned run-ins with spring hazards.