Whether your pets love them or hate them, all pet owners end up packing up their pets and their patience when driving to the dog park or the cat cafe. 

On The Go - Lint Roller

Our favorite way of cleaning up all that extra pet hair from the seats and the floorboards is by simply rolling a lint roller on a soft or carpeted surface. 

A Hidden Trick - Dryer Sheets 

Another simple yet effective trick, toss a box of unused dryer seats in the glovebox and use them to easily remove pet hair from around your car when you are in a pinch. Plus, if you opt to use a scented sheet - even better - a hair free clean with a fresh scent left behind! 

Did You Know A Balloon Can Whisk The Static Away?

That’s right. No clown tricks here. If you happen to have a balloon handy, fill it up with air and utilize some good ol’ static electricity to remove that hard to get to pet hair. As you move the balloon near the surface that contains the hair, it will attach to the balloon like a magnet and can be easily thrown away afterwards.