Biting is a natural puppy behavior, but when do puppies grow out of it? This is a question that many puppy owners ask and wonder. Biting while playing is normal behavior in puppies, as opposed to dogs playing with other dogs. They will learn how to play appropriately with other dogs. But, if your puppy is biting you when you are petting him, or just for the heck of it, then it's probably time for the biting puppy to get help.

The biting stage usually lasts only a few days. If people do not pay attention, puppies will tend to bite the hands or feet of the owner. This is because it is very uncomfortable when you find yourself on the floor and you are playing with your puppy and start to push him when he starts biting. This loss of balance must have been caused by the puppy discomfort biting your toes or fingers.

Puppy biting is a common and often frustrating problem. If your puppy is biting, remember that it's just a stage he or she is going through. It won't last forever, and will be over before you know it. Keep up a consistent training regiment and watch your puppy grow into the sweet dog that you want him or her to become!