As we are nearing the end of May, that means that the sweltering summer months are right around the corner. Why are we concerned as trusted veterinarian professionals you may ask? Over the years, we continually field requests about dog and pet dehydration that could’ve simply been avoided by taking a few simple tips into consideration. In this blog post, follow along as we share with you some of our favorite tips to keep in mind this summer to ensure that all of the dogs are healthy and happy for this summer and all of the summers to come. 

Always keep a bottle of water with you, even on walks that may seem short in distance. 

That’s right. During the sweltering summer months, our pups can get lethargic at an accelerated pace when compared to the more comfortable spring and fall months. 

Maybe just running around the backyard is your pup’s thing? 

Make sure they are aware of an outdoor water bowl that they can easily access when it’s time to refresh and rehydrate. If you do leave out a bowl, please make sure that you are bringing it in and washing accordingly on a regular basis. If you are feeling like the good dog dad or dog mom of the year you are, drop an ice cube or two in there as a simple and easy cool down treat.

Watch for signs of dehydration and overheating. 

These can be as simple as excessive drooling, panting, and sticky saliva. Although most of these symptoms are typical and regular, keep an eye out for general behavior that is not typical of your pup. You know yours best, make a judgement call and call your local trusted veterinarian provider if you begin to notice symptoms and have concerns.