It is not always easy to identify a sick cat. Cats have very different symptoms of illness than dogs, and you need to look for signs that don't seem normal. If your cat seems in pain, is vomiting, constantly grooming or urinating outside the litter box, or has trouble walking, it is time to take action fast and find a vet that can help your cat.

Symptoms To Look For! According to our friends at Hillcrest Animal Hospital, here’s a list of common illnesses that cats can easily develop and the symptoms to look for:

  • The sudden appearance of litter box issues could indicate anything from a urinary tract infection to bladder stones or kidney disease.
  • A sudden increased appetite could be an indication of diabetes, hyperthyroidism, inflammatory bowel disease or even intestinal cancer.
  • If your cat is drinking far more water than usual, it could be a sign that your cat is suffering from kidney disease, thyroid problems, or diabetes. 
  • Upper respiratory infections can cause breathing problems and reduce your cat's enthusiasm for activities and play.
  • Injuries and arthritis can result in a drop-off in your cat’s acrobatic activities.
  • Bad breath in cats is a strong sign that your cat may be suffering from periodontal disease or experiencing tooth pain. If left untreated, dental disease in cats can lead to more serious issues such as heart, liver and kidney conditions.  

Let's Be Clear! This is and never will be a list of the only symptoms that you should be looking for. If you ever think your furry friend is acting a little strange, it is always wise to get your local favorite veterinarian involved to determine if there is any action needed and necessary from a true medical professional.