Thanksgiving is a yearly time to reflect with your closest friends and family. However, we all know that with the current climate, our favorite holiday feasts may look a little different this year when compared to the traditions we are all typically used to. With that - you may be staying at home with your favorite furry friends and we want to provide you with a guide of certain thanksgiving favorites you can and can’t feed your pets. 

Steer Clear Of Dessert!

As tempting as it may be, there are way too many ingredients in a typical thanksgiving dessert to know what is and what isn't safe to feed the family pets. It’s always wise to be more cautious if you are unsure whether or not to feed your pet a quick snack from the table. 

Watch Out For The Spices!

You may be surprised that Turkey is actually a small treat that dogs can eat (in moderation) on Thanksgiving. We just suggest watching out and being weary of the different types of spices that were used to prepare the turkey for human consumption. You’ll also want to ensure that there is no bone or skin left on the turkey when you turn it over to the pups to dig in. Chances are, your dog's appetite wasn't taken into consideration when preparing the thanksgiving turkey.

Sides That Are Safe! 

If you insist on preparing a thanksgiving dinner for your pet, there are a few popular sides that are relatively safe to feed your family pet(s). This list includes: plain potatoes, plain pumpkin, plain peas, plain apples. As true lovers of all pets, we want you to know that every pet has specific dietary preferences and not every mention of foods above will align with the pallett of your pets. 

If you have questions, we encourage you to consult your regular veterinarians office for confirmation.