With a new year in full swing, we are all looking for ways to improve habits for ourselves and those around us. January is also a very busy month in terms of pet adoptions and bringing home a new pet can create instant chaos if you aren’t ready to bring a new pet into the home. We can’t stress enough how important it is to take time to determine if adopting a pet is best for you and your family situation. To help you do so, we’ve compiled a few short and simple tips to help you think and consider if and when it becomes time for you to bring home a pet.

Adopting A Pet Shouldn’t Be Short Term

In most situations, when you are considering adopting a pet - you are considering adding a new member to the family for years to come. Be sure you are ready to bring home a bundle of fur by volunteering or visiting your local pet shelter. This can be a great way to learn and determine what type of pet would work best for you and your family situation. 

Breed And Age Are Important 

It is also important to take into consideration the breed and age of the pet in question. Younger pets tend to be fully of energy while those that have been around for several years might be on the slower end of speed when running, playing, and jumping around. 

Prepare With The Essentials

If you determine that you do want to adopt a pet, there are several key essentials that will make your life (and theirs) much easier when it comes to getting acclimated to the new way of life and living with a new family. Our suggestions may vary depending on if you are bringing home a cat or a dog, but we always suggest have a collar, leash, harness, bed, blanket, as well as a few treats and toys to have on hand to encourage and build up a positive experience for both the furry friend and those who will be expected to watch, care, and love after a new pet.