Have you ever played a training game with your dog? Training games are fun and engaging for your dog, but they also serve a very important purpose – they can greatly enhance your dog’s ability to learn. Use the following list of training games to keep your dog entertained, while simultaneously helping him/her to learn new behaviors. While the main focus of this guide is on useful training games, we also wanted to take some time to include a few fun “toys” as well. 

Dog training doesn’t need to be boring! In fact, it should be engaging, enjoyable, and most of all full of fun. When you find yourself in a rut with your dog training activities and dog games it can be good to bring in something new. Here’s 4 fun and engaging training activities to try with your furry friend from our friends at 

The games on this list are guaranteed to improve your dog’s obedience, and make the whole training process a lot more enjoyable for both you and your dog. If you always have trouble keeping your dog’s attention, or just aren’t getting the behavior changes you want, consider some of these fun training games. They’re great for training one-on-one with your dog, as well as doing in groups with friends. These games are also perfect for teaching your dog valuable life skills – like coming when summoned.