It’s typically the first thing you do when you bring a new pup into your home, and it can seem stressful and overwhelming. Luckily for you, we are about to break down potty training and make it an easy and headache free process. 

Create A Schedule

Just like their human counterparts, pets are best when put on some sort of regular schedule in terms of eating, drinking, and going potty. Be sure you are strategic about when it is most convenient for your pup rather than when it is for you when it comes to feeding, or taking your pup out. 

Have A Positive Outlook

Training takes time. Remember that. Remain positive and be sure to reward your pup when they take a trip outside and successfully potty. 

Don’t Be Afraid Of Training Aids 

There’s a reason that there are so many different training aids out there in the marketplace. Whether it be a potty pad or a bell hanging from a door of yours, we are true supporters of whatever works best for you and your pet.