Having a well mannered and obedient dog is not just important for making your days easier but it is also essential for the health of your dog. If you have a puppy, these manners can be instilled at a younger age, while training an adult dog might take more time but still has the same positive results.

 If you've used a harness with your dog before, you've probably noticed that he isn't the best at walking on a leash. This is especially true if the dog hasn't had much practice. Walking on a leash while within the boundaries of your property can be considered common sense, however, we all know better than to assume that there are no accidents waiting to happen. 

Are you and your pup afraid of having to be on a leash? Trust me, I've been there. You think it's safe to walk in the park without a leash and then all of a sudden your pup runs around like crazy. It's very frustrating for both you and your dog, but believe it or not there is a solution. Loose leashes are gaining popularity and watch them continue to get more and more popular training tool.