You hear it all the time — dogs are man’s best friend. Canines are loving and loyal creatures who love cuddling with their owners. In fact, studies show that the regularity and duration of dog cuddling correlates with positive health benefits for both human and dog. But why exactly do dogs enjoy cuddling so much? 

Dogs like cuddling because it feels good -- and, when they're with a loved one, there is a bonding hormone released, similar to the "love hormone" oxytocin that humans release when we bond. Basically, dogs evolved to love this behavior.

Overall, it sounds like a cuddle session with your dog is pretty relaxing for both human and hound, and it may even boost your dog’s mental health, too. Considering how good it feels to have your own dog snuggle up to you in return, why not give your pup what they want? And if you need help getting started, we’ve covered some ways to get your dog to love you even more here.